Yor’sahj Is Now Sleeping


This week saw the Power of the Aspects increase another 5% so now bosses are hitting 30% lighter and only have 30% of their original hit points. While it has made some normal modes far too easy (I’m sure even the most casual of raiding guilds could 5 man Morchok and therefore should be able to kill him on heroic mode) it is allowing my guild to make more progress into heroic modes so I’m not complaining too loudly. However I am a bit concerned that there is a Wowhead entry for the spell to be increased to 35% as this is just plain silly as we’ve reverted back to 3 healers on Deathwing purely because it is far too easy to do too MUCH DPS on the toe nails and spawn the Blistering Tentacles soon after the Mutated Corruption has spawned even when starting on the blue platform!
Anyway I digress, nerf or no nerf the guys and gals of Exhumed downed Yor’sahj on heroic mode this week which puts us at a not too shabby 3 of 8 on heroic mode. We’re not the first by a long way but all the same we’re proud to have done it and that is all that matters. We’d spent an hour or so wiping and hit the enrage timer at least once and in the end we decided that we could 2 heal and 1 tank so myself and Brimar donned our off spec guises and went and hit things. My off spec gear is still crap due to running with 4 or more paladins each week and having 3 warlocks occasionally raiding and stealing my OS tier loot. But I was pleased to do well enough on our first try with me DPSing to actually kill him.
In other news, I’ve now finally got my 1st 85 Horde, my “other” priest, Wilkini who I have levelled as Shadow and am in the process of gearing up to get him some healing action and  into some Raid Finder. I’m in a 900 strong guild and so far this past few weeks have seen no more than 4 people online! So needless to say I’m looking for a more active guild in terms of numbers online, if they raid at any level its a bonus so if you’re Hordside on Ahn’Qiraj EU send me a message and I’ll gladly come join your guild! 
EDIT: I have just taken advantage of the Blizzard Summer Sale on 25% off realm transfers and moved him to Kazzak EU! Now I need to find a guild there ;p

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    1. Kazzak seemed to have a less immature /2 with pugs being advertised rather than whining and anal . Also, the AH prices were less inflated meaning my priest and his 200g had a chance at generating more income while gearing up too.

      Of course all content except questing zones and Dragon Soul normal/heroic can be done together so not a major loss ;p

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