Wow Ironman: Ironiana hits 40

Been a bit slow lately due to Mists beta, work and other WoW goals being pursued but I have finally gotten my ass to 40. The questing through Stranglethorn’s 2 zones has been fun and to be honest a lot easier than I had expected.

I’m not sure if this is me settling into the mindset, having more abilities (traps and feign death) that assist in controlling the unexpected or if the zones isn’t as dangerous.

Although I did have a heart stopping moment when doing the end quest as I thought I had died, and was VERY relieved when I got ported back to Booty Bay and was still alive. I was also very wary when doing one quest which sent me to grab a flight from an NPC right next to the Horde flight master.

While I lived to tell the tale and get a screeny of flying on a wyvern, I did have a read of the wowhead comments before going anywhere near him, and had there been any comments about bugging out I would have moved to a new zone.

Grabbing rare kills has been a lot more difficult in Stranglethorn than it was in Duskwood, but I know that will change soon enough particularly when I hit Blasted Lands.

The gear I am wearing is still mainly purchased gear from vendors in Stormwind with a few drops thrown in. I’ll be buying some white gear from the vendor soon as I need all the increased armour that the mail specialisation brings! I also noticed that there have been some more ironman challengers hitting 85 and among them a druid and a mage and while they all deserve a “grats” the mage, Enferrujo, deserves big props as killing anything with less than a 21k mana pool by a fragile class is nothing short of legendary.

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