Wow Ironman: Ironiana hits 30

Ironiana @ 30
Not much to say as the title says it all its not getting any harder just yet which has surprised me.

The gear I am wearing is mainly purchased gear from vendors in Stormwind with a few drops thrown in and for gray/white gear it isn’t too bad looking either.

I am also now getting a few people sending me whispers saying things like:

“hey dude your gear sucks why don’t you equip some quest rewards?”

One kind player even /w me and offered to trade me a few items and asked if I needed any advice on playing the game and was amazed when I explained what I was doing, just prooves that there are some decent players left out there helping the n00bs. If you’re one of them I salute you.
My challenge to all my readers today is, go find a genuine new player and be kind to them in some way big or small.

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  1. Grats on 30! I still have not attempted it again but I been rather busy so WoW has taken a back seat for now in any projects I intended to do.

  2. Thanks for the thanks folks. Been a bit busy this week with work and other projects so Ironiana has been gatehring dust (and a bit of rested XP) but I have four days off work starting Sunday so all will be good soon.

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