WoW Ironman Challnge Fail 2

Well I learned another valuable lesson today about patience and over confidence.
My 2nd attempt at the WoW Ironman challenge ended in tears because I was an impatient ass. well on my way to level 24 a bag full of completed quests and needing to get off to work in 10 minutes I decided to grab the item for the last incomplete quest in my log. All that stood between me and success was a few worgen 2 levels below me in Brightwood Grove

There was a patrol behind me but well out of aggro range so I left him alone, 3 worgen in front, the one to the left was close but if I hugged the mountain to my right I’d be safe. I pulled a mob in front of me and then an unspotted patrol joined the fight. AppleSauce could cope with them both, but then both worgen did what they all do and  leap on me fearing the worst I reacted and stepped left. Then the 3rd worgen aggroed on me while the other 2 returned to their wail on AppleSauce. I panicked and used disengage, only to land in the arms of that patrol I tried to run but it was a lost cause the result was inevitable, Ironian mkII lay on the ground a corpse.
I was so angry with myself, a 3rd and final toon will be created, Ironian @ WildhammerEU another hunter a Draenei for variety of starting zone location. This time I’ll remember the story of the tortoise and the hare as well as a phrase my father used to use a lot:

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  1. I tried to pace myself But Even with being careful, i still managed to get a lil 'cocky' where i felt i was ok but in realistic thinking I was being a moron. take 3 coming up for me.

    Best a luck if ya gonna try again.

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