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My guild, Exhumed of Shadowsong EU are trying to build a Mythic raid team for Warlords. This is no secret in the guild or outside and that goal is something I am not just saying to make people feel good. I am heavily invested in this goal as I play the game for raiding remove raiding from my game time and I’ll stop playing WoW all together.

One of the current main obstacles is recruiting new people because Shadowsong has a tiny population and too many raid guilds. However, I’m personally working hard in game to get that happening for us so Exhumed isn’t a casualty of the conversion to Mythic raiding and there will be guilds that die because of this. 

Recruitment is the primary reason we are putting together 25 man raids on a Sunday and Monday. Having experience from the real world of being a manager of people, I know that the best way of building a team is not to lose the team members you already have and to treat them so well that they not only want to stay, but they bring their friends here too because they’re always telling their friends of what a great place it is here.
There is also a benefit to the team in keeping changes to a minimum and research has proven that teams, like individuals, experience a learning curve and as their members become familiar with one another the team becomes more successful and almost three quarters aviation “incidents” happen on the first day of flying together. I guess that is why our raid team does so well given that we only raid 6 hours per week.

However, you cannot always keep everyone happy enough for them not to leave for something better and if someone is set on achieving something we cannot offer them I’ll gladly help them achieve their goal. But that means that they need to let me know before they go and sadly, that is something that didn’t happen recently with one of our key raiders who left us because he didn’t think we will be able to expand to 20-man, he may be correct but if I had known 3 weeks ago that he felt this way and was considering leaving I could have talked to him about why I think he was wrong and how I feel it can offer him what he would like to get out of the game in the future. If after that talk he still wanted to leave, I would have at least known and started recruiting specifically to fill the position while he was looking for a new guild, just as an employer would in the real world when you hand in your notice.

I consider all guildies friends and I’ll always try to help my friends achieve their goals, even if it means having to wave to them as they leave. So I’ve asked my guildmates to speak with me if they’re wanting more than the guild can offer them so hopefully we can work something out that means they don’t have to leave us unless it is truly something greater than the guild can offer. 

Am I being reasonable? Should I expect people that act like friends not to do things secretively? I think the answer to both those questions is yes. But then I guess that just my old fashioned ways from another era.

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