Why You Should Play a Human


A recent forum post that made me giggle asked a really stupid question. I decided to answer that question and thought I’d share that with you all.
  • Trolls – look deformed with the curved spines;
  • Orcs – look deformed with the curved spines;
  • Taurens – scratch their backsides, helms look ridiculous and appear to move too slowly;
  • Undead – armour looks awful as half of it is missing;
  • Blood Elves – males look effimate and females look like they would snap in battle;
  • Night Elves – males look like they are crapping themselves when they /walk, females bounce when standing still;
  • Gnomes – annoying high pitched voice, get line of sight issues and get lost in crowds;
  • Worgen – female models are awful and the males sniff all the time;
  • Draenei – they have tails, squid like tentacles and legs would break under the weight of the upper body;
  • Dwarves – females have blow up doll faces and males can’t be clean shaven;
  • Humans – look like humans!
That is ofc just my view and people may disagree, that is your prerogative. That said, I do play all races with one exception, worgen as I really do think that the female model is awful as are their animations. The male sniffing was too much for me to cope with when I rolled a male hunter so much that I ended up race changing to, yes you guessed it, a female human.
What is you favourite and least favourite race?

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  1. Its all upp to the class and which mood Im in but Ive been really fond of the gnomes for a long time. Ive even been thinking about racechanging all my chars to gnomes, except the classes that gnomes cant be ofc. My least favourite race is a mix of undead, goblins and tauren.

  2. Haha yeah indeed it would. πŸ™‚ But the thought of racechanging is probably violating my ocd with races.. like a perfect pattern; one female and one male of each race, but since we only have 11 classes and 14 chars if you take 1 fem/1 male, obviously some has to be skipped. But Ive also noticed that some races Ive have the same gender.. such as belf.. only female. and funny enough both tauren and undead I have two males. oh well! whatever rocks the boat! πŸ˜€

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