Where I’m At, What I’m Grinding IV

Back in December Blizzard reduced the price of the Battle chest and upgraded it to include Cataclysm as part of the deal. This was a perfect opportunity for me to achieve a massive step towards a goal I’ve been casually and slowly working towards for a few years, getting one of each class to max level hordeside. I took this as an opportunity to abuse the recruit-a-friend system to boost an army of Horde alts to 85.

This mission has been accomplished now I have added to my Horde collection the following:

  • Anggus, a level 86 tauren druid on Draenor EU;
  • Axholme, a level 86 undead warrior on MagtheridonEU;
  • Butterwick, a level 86 blood elf rogue on MagtheridonEU; 
  • Epworth, a  level 85 undead warlock on MagtheridonEU;
  • Evangelyst, a level 70 blood elf priest on MagtheridonEU;
  • Evangelyze, a level 60 undead priest on MagtheridonEU;
  • Magoops, a  level 85 troll mage on DraenorEU;
  • Wournos, a level 86 blood elf death knight on MagtheridonEU;
  • Zhurk, a  level 85 orc shaman on MagtheridonEU;

So this with my previous horde alts Koshvel (90 hunter), Sanctibos (83 paladin), Wilkini (85 priest), Evangelyse (81 priest) and Evagelysm (80 priest) that just leaves a monk as my missing high level Horde character, so I guess I’ll be using that as my Warlords free boost!

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