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While I may have been slack lately here on the blog the same hasn’t been true in real life or in game. My guild, have been trying all expansion to set up an RBG team and I had been resisting the urge to join in. Partly because I got my hands full with raiding but mostly because I’ve never been a big PVPer (or particularly good at it). I have however now joined in the and the team is now coming together under the leadership of Dribblebutt and Siyara
The raiding has been going well too as we have now added 3 kills in the past 2 weeks after having a few issues with the “farm” bosses slowing us down which meant we were getting very little time to progress and as we still needed gear it was a little early to start extending raid ids.

Annoyingly, my shifts at work have meant I missed the last 3 weeks of raiding Throne of Thunder and that included the first kill on Megaera, missing 1st kills sucks but having had almost no time even wiping on a boss makes that suck a load more as I feel I have missed out on a whole chunk of content. As a raid leader though it pleases me that the guys can perform without me there and is a testament to the work my no. 2, Artherion puts in.

Thankfully, I did get back into raiding this week and Wednesday night we were on fire and managed to clear the first 5 bosses in under 90 minutes 1 shotting everything upto Megaera. This meant that we had a full raid and a half to work on progression and in the 90 minutes after the mid-raid break we managed to kill Ji’Kun.

Thursday was therefore a night for Durumu. Now I have had real issues with Durumu in raid finder, not because I’m a dumbass who dies to the beam but because I simply cannot see a way through the Eye Sores. This was a major worry but after this week it seems that it is a little easier to follow people when using a birds eye view and I did sometimes see the path but only when it was a good route. Just proof that a good idea spoiled by bad implementation, I wonder if colour blind mode makes it easier? hmm.
On top of those two things, I’m still running challenge modes as me and the guys keep pushing to get golds in the remaining ones. Sadly, the ones we have left are the real tough ones and the margin for error is really tiny and one mistake is meaning that we’re failing by a few seconds. 

Lastly, my time in game has been absorbed by leveling my warrior to 90, taking my count to seven. I bet the local old folks home haven’t got that many! Now all I need to do is gear her up in both tank and dps gear and I’m good to go to the next one. 

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