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Well what a chaotic time it has been. Been busy at work these past few weeks and been enjoying my WoW time a bit too much and have neglected a couple of updates and certainly forgotten to keep the ol’ blog upated with my most recent exploits.
Since hitting the That’s A Lot Of Bait guild achievement and eating many Seafood Magnifique Feasts me and the guys and gals of SKF have been having a blast. We’ve added 2 more boss kills to the list first was Maloriak and that was soon followed by Valiona and Theralion.

WoW Guild Rankings

 Maloriak was surprisingly easy for us as a group and we killed him after only a couple of attempts, if only Valiona and Theralion was that way. We have wiped for a few weeks on these pair, there is something about the fight that we as a group just can’t master its always different  people dying at different times to different things. But last week they finally perished and we danced a merry jig around their corpses and a big /hug from me to the team at SKF.
On an individual note, I finally managed to ding exalted with the guild, beaten to the post by Nak (grats dude) but my count is now upto a rather respectable 52 and I wear my “the Exalted” with pride and was one of teh few that actually welcomed the change Blizzard brought in (and subsequently took out) to move the title from 40 to 50 reps. I’m now working on moving that upto 55, yeah I know I am addicted to rep but still not Insane.
My next target is Baradin Wardens and that will be done this week or next and then I’m planning on hitting Black Temple and Mount Hyjal raids to finish of the Ashtongue Deathsworn and the Scale of the Sands, both of which will need 2 full clears. Once they are done I only have the long slow grinds left with RavenholdtDarkmoon FaireSilverwing SentinelsLeague of Arathor and the Bloodsail Buccaneers (who I want to do without losing exalted with any of the Steamwheedle Cartel). I don’t care if there is an achievement, feat of strength or a title that comes with it, I’ll just feel good inside at meeting a personal goal.
This past weekend, I managed to get a couple of Wrath achievements finished as SKF were grinding some guild achievements to help us max out our guild XP and we quickly cleared Zul’Aman (just in case we didn’t get the guild achievement before it becomes a 5 man heroic)  killed Kel’ThuzadMalygosSartharion and a complete Black Temple run to boot. Along the way I also finally managed to get Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows (10) and therefore finishing Glory to the Raider (10)
Other than that my focus has been gearing up my ‘lock ready for weekend raiding with the All about Beer guys and gals. Its gonna be nice to sit back and be one of the crowd during them raids.

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