Where Have I Been?


Today I realised that I have neglected the blog for 3 weeks and while I don’t care about that so much I do care that I have let you, my readers down as I haven’t even let you guys know about my “absence” and that makes me feel bad.
It all started back in September when MoP launched, my life got busy and a lot of guild stuff happened too. But things seem to be settling down and fortunately much of the work I have put into the can be used here too so I’ll be back from the blogging wilderness with a bang soon.
Now that part is out of the way lets bring you up to speed with where I am in WoW.


Last report from me was having killed the puppies and Feng in MSV, well things have got better and me and the folks of Exhumed have now cleared MSV and are working through Heart of Fear, not ground breaking but we’re a 6 hour a week raiding team and considering that we’re doing well enough. We’re also doing rather well  on the raid achievements and are shockingly top 1000 in the world and 2nd on our realm according to GuildOx.
Along the way I got bored with grinding out rep in no small part due to the speed of rep gains from teh Golden Lotards folks who stopped me grabbing the enchant I wanted from teh Auguste Celestials and the Shado-Pan although teh Tillers didn’t help either although they were a good source of valor not t mention a good half level on all my alts purely from grinding mob kills for meats. That is one grind I WON’t be doing on any alt. I’ll not dwell too long on that subject as it may well become a fully fledged post on its own if I start ranting
I have finally manged to get my 2nd 90, my warlock and as a reward too myself decided that she would be a gnome no more as I was fed up with being so short, Strigimaga has now become a human warlock as Alliance suck for choice on lock races, Gnome and dwarf are too short and the sniffing of a worgen forced me to race change my hunter already. The best casting animation would have been a draenei but sadly they and NElf aren’t a warlock option). I still have only the 2 and the lock really isn’t ready for much more than LFR and maybe the front 3 bosses in MSV but that will hopefully change. I have also moved her back to Saturday Knight Fever because I was simply neglecting my friends back there with all the work I have been doing on Evlyxx and the guild stuff for Exhumed.
Project Titan is coming along slowly but steadily. ReExhumed is now level 5, we have our first 80 and 13 members  so I am positive that it will happen on schedule. If you’re interested please visit the guild website, http://reexhumed.shivtr.com/ and sign up. I managed to get a plug from the Convert To Raid guys /wave to them and if you haven’t listened to their podcast you should do that right now and I aslo got talked into doing a voice ad for the project by Stomp at Rawrcast which can be heard at the very beginning of show #179 if you’re feeling very brave you can listen to it here.
That pretty much wraps up where I am right now and I hope to get back on schedule with at least 1 post per week here between now and the new year.

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