Vision or Delusion? You Decide!

Been thinking a lot about this recently and how we can get the
benefits of a big server without moving everything off of Shadowsong.
What we’re after is a bigger pool of players to recruit from than
Shadowsong is able to offer us. Somewhere like Silvermoon is perfect as it has a
big Alliance heavy population. It is a perfect realm for what we want,
but none of us really fancy the expense of moving 600 characters to a different realm, and I’m sure Blizzard would hate such an influx to what is already the EU’s most populated Alliance biased PVE realm.
The question is do we have to?
With the way the game is moving I have always believed that Blizzards
ultimate goal is to have 4 “servers” in each region, PVP, PVE, RP and
RP-PVP. If I am correct our current server based communities will become
irrelevant and our recruitment pool will be everyone within the PVE
environment in the EU.
Therefore, I have thought about ways we can be “ahead of the curve”
and solve our current recruitment issue and I thik I have a crazy idea
that might just work. 
Create a sister guild, called Exhumed, on Silvermoon and join forces to raid with them. The only two issues I see are:
  • our current website cannot  deal with non-Shadowsong “guildies” and that makes managing event signups difficult;
  • Mythic raiding will not be possible cross realm;
  • No cross realm chat;

Both the first problems are easily solved by having those Mythic
raiders transfer to Shadowsong, which then only leaves the signup issue
for normal (aka  flex), heroic (aka normal) and RBGs, which can be resolved by creating alts on Shadowsong purely for the purpose of signing up to events. The third problem is a big one that I cannot think of a way to solve, and may be the showstopper.

Not sure if this is a vision or delusion but I’ve put it to my fellow officers and get their opinions on the matter. No doubt I’ll be declared a crazy fool!

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