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Things have moved on with Project Titan, I decided to go Horde as me and most of the folks from Exhumed haven’t experienced raiding Horde. After a suggestion from my pal Gricey, I’v e gone on an RP PVP server, Defias Brotherhood EU and have even created a guild, ReExhumed.
The reason I selected that realm in particular was, according to WoW progress, that it was the most advanced raiding server of all the EU RP realms AND has a reasonable raiding population both of which means the AH activity is OK and will hopefully give us access to crafted raid patterns. There is also a nice Horde:Alliance population balance.

Defias Brotherhood

  • Population: 4394
  • Horde/Alliance ratio: 1-0.97
  • Raid rating: 856
Compared to our home server it actually scores better on all counts which means we shouldn’t see any problems that we don’t get already (PVP ganking excepted)


  • Population: 3120
  • Horde/Alliance ratio: 0.49-1
  • Raid rating: 648

I have also set some approximate timelines:

  • November 17th: Level 60 – AQ20 raid.
  • December 3rd: Level 70 – Karazhan raid.
  • December 17th: Level 80
  • January 14th: Ulduar raiding
This gives us 6 weeks to hit 80 and 4 weeks to gear up to START raiding Ulduar 10 and start the real gearing up for the Herald attempts.
It would also be good if people pause at 60 and 70 so we can run AQ20  and Karazhan as level appropriate (I’m sure Blizz nerfed AQ20 to 10 man difficulty) and with purchasable greens being equal to or greater than raid gear we shouldn’t need to stop for more than a week to gear up. If it can’t happen for those two it is not a major problem as they’re nice to haves rather than essential to the project.
We’re looking good on bodies right now as we have 3 healers (pally/druid/priest)  and 2 tanks (warrior/death knight). I also have 2 DPS in the guild a death knight and an ele shammy so balance is looking good, which for Exhumed is a bloody miracle.
I’m still looking for a few more bodies to DPS and having OS heals/tank would be awesome so if you do want to join me leave a comment below, Tweet me or send me an ingame mail to either Evlyxx on Shadowsong EU or Evangelysm on Defias Brotherhood EU.

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  1. Hello, zalorn here a 72 shadow priest on defias. Ive seen your forum post and want to know how i can help. I recently started playing again after a long time. Last time i played i was raiding AQ40 with my warrior. So yeah, that long ago.

    Basically that means ive missed a lot of content and would like to revisit the old, so if i can get involved somehow that would be great.

    Anyway, placing my services at your command

    Yours Sincerely,

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