Transmogrification: Prophecy Set Completed

At long last I have finally been able to complete my Tier 1 set for transmogrification. It was something I started work on when I heard about Transmogging back in August and being the proud owner of Benediction gained during Vanilla Molten Core days I have chosen this as one of the sets I’ll use for my healing gear. Although I must admit I have cheated a bit because Garr still refuses to drop my Circlet of Prophecy so I have used the Crown of the Hallowed which is identical and is a quest reward from a priest class quest, Twilight Scheming, in Blackrock Depths.
The only sad thing for me right now is the fact that there are so few staves in the game for a healer that I can’t actually show off my Benediction lollipop while in combat. Although I will admit I do equip it while in Stormwind and not in combat in the open world (I have even been known to heal 5 mans with it). So currently I’m disguising my mace with a Aurastone Hammer simply because it dropped from Garr this week and is a “period” accessory to match my outfit and if anyone out there can suggest a mace that matches/compliments the old Prohecy set I’ll be eternally grateful.
Anyway, for those that may be interested on obtaining the Vestments of Prophecy here is a brief how to guide:

All 8 pieces drop in Molten Core so get yourself attuned to Molten Core, its easily soloable for anyone past level 65, even us Holy Priests.

Once attuned grab a friend to form a raid group with so you can enter Molten Core. They don’t need to join you inside but if they want to it just makes it faster and more fun! If you can’t find a friend get yourself a free trial account and level a character to level 10 (you can’t join a raid pre-level 10), open up WoW 2 times and form a raid group with your trial account (if you have a low spec PC I would recommend disabling all addons on the trial account and also running the window at the smallest setting possible and keeping it minimized).
Now you’re inside work your way around avoiding as much trash as possible and kill the bosses. The set has 8 pieces but the wrists and leg oieces aren’t visible so unless you’re a compulsive completionist you only need six pieces and the waist is a BoE which drops from trash so you may be lucky and find that on the auction house. The items you need are:
Head – Circlet of Prophecy – drop from Garr
Shoulders – Mantle of Prophecy – drop from Sulfuron Harbinger
Chest – Robes of Prophecy – drop from Golemagg the Incinerator
Gloves – Gloves of Prophecy – drop from Gehennas
Feet – Boots of Prophecy – drop from Shazzrah
Waist – Girdle of Prophecy – BoE drop from random trash mobs
Wrists – Vambraces of Prophecy – BoE drop from random trash mobs
Legs – Pants of Prophecy – drop from Magmadar
If you’re unfamiliar with Molten Core don’t panic it will just take a bit longer to find your way through there, its a maze so be warned! But to assist you on your travels I have included a map, free of charge,because you’re worth it 🙂

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