Top Ten Tips for Faster Raids

Below is not my own work it is some old stuff that I can no longer find at the original source that I think needs to be out there in the public domain:

  1. DPS-spec’d plate can tank: 
    You can run with 2 tank-spec’d players and have extra tanks for trash if you just ask your tank hybrids to wear their tank gear during trash and help pick up mobs.
  2. Don’t ignore repeated mistakes: 
    While you don’t need to rant and rage over each minor error, don’t let repeated screwups be ignored. No one likes “that guy” who doesn’t care enough to pay attention and causes wipes to the same stuff each week — say something to him.
  3. Have fun: 
    No one will want to raid if you suck the fun out of it
  4. Don’t be afraid to wipe: 
    You will wipe when first pushing your limits, that’s fine. Don’t make a big deal about it (unless it was a repeated stupid mistake — see #2), just pick up and continue.
  5. Don’t stop for deaths/rebuffing: 
    Unless you lost a significant portion of the raid, there’s no reason not to resurrect the 1-2 people who died and just rebuff on the fly. There’s no raid buff so critical that you can’t do trash without it.
  6. Set goals: 
    Set goals for clear times each week. If you prefer to set your targets by wing/subsection, you can use the in-game stopwatch (/sw) to track it in real time.
  7. Plan AFK breaks: 
    When people know one is coming, they will wait. This reduces the constant revolving door of AFK’s.
  8. Be impatient: 
    Always be pulling more trash if healers have enough mana and there aren’t too many people dead.
  9. Fast Loot: 
    Even at “only” 5 minutes per boss in most instances you will spend 30 minutes of loot over the course of an entire raid. Use Master Looter if you can’t make fast decisions, so at least the raid can continue clearing.
  10. Delegate: 
    The buck stops with you, but don’t do all the work.

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