Too Soon! You Have Nerfed Me Too Soon Exectus!

Yes finally I have had a chance to experience the nerfed content that is the Firelands raids a few times and hell they  have nerfed it hard.
Prior to the recent nerfs my beloved guild, Saturday Knight Fever, were 3 of 7 in the Firelands with Shannox, Beth’tilac and Lord Rhyiolith soundly beaten. We worked hard for them kills and learned a lot about the fights as we perfected the strategies to our groups style.. 
The day the nerf came the guys killed 3 new bosses, Alysrazor, Baleroc and Majordomo Staghelm on the first night. They breezed through the content with people that hadn’t even stepped foot into Firelands until that night and we’re now stuck fighting Ragnaros.
Now my issue here is that despite killing these 3 bosses for the past 3 weeks I’m not convinced that anyone has really learned the fights (myself included) as some there have been certain team combinations that have failed to kill one of the bosses therefore it seems that we’re just zerging our way through and while it’s good for team morale the die hard raider in me weeps tears of sadness as I am getting no personal sense of accomplishment.
As things stand now Blizzard should just place a chest full of loot and rep in by the portal and send us straight to Ragnaros, which is thankfully providing the team with a challenge, which hopefully will be beaten as soon as we can field a solid team with 2 main spec tanks.
Now I seriously hope that 4.3 is very close because if not we’re going to be faced with farming Firelands on 2 nights a week and using our other raid night to gear up alts. So overall my opinion is summed up by the irelord himself, Too Soon Exectus! Lets hope that with the coming of a 3rd level of raid difficulty the nerf bat  will stay away from our raids until they are no longer current content.

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