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I’ll confess the past few months have been rough, getting material for the podcast has been tougher than normal and my devotion to Warcraft has been tested to the limits. This has resulted in much slackage with regard to me releasing content either in the form of podcasts or through simple blog posts like this one.

I have been asked by a few listeners if I am going to continue with the podcast or if I’ll be one of those shows that die during a content drought and never return. Well fear not my friends I am not planning on going away and while there may be some barren spells between no and Legion, once we head off to the Broken Shore I will be filling your ears with my voice on a regular basis!

To show you that I’m serious I’m sharing with you my latest purchases from Amazon (see above). The reason for the purchases was because my beloved Snowball has died an inglorious death and while I have been really happy with it, I have always regretted that I bought a mic that couldn’t easily be connected to a mixer and that caused me some minor issues in the production of the show. While you guys and gals wouldn’t have noticed these issues it cost me a lot of time and if I’d had doubts over my commitment to the show, I would have just stuck with my headset mic and lived with putting out a show with OK sound quality. But I am confident that I’m here for the long haul andtherefore I have taken th e opportunity presented to me by the Snowball filure to upgrade my audio and with the new set up I’ll be able to add some more professionalism to the show with improved sound quality and save myself some time making the show, as any sound clips I need to play can be inserted into the recording as I record the show.

So hopefully the next show will be done with the new set up and the sound quality will be better than before. Until then, may your days be filled with much loot and hours of fun in the World of Warcraft!

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    1. I’m not yet familiar with the Holy priest in Legion yet as I’m not in the beta. However, things I’m hearing from the beta is that it is a good solid healing spec and if anything Disc is the weaker of the 2 in terms of pure healing. But that information is secondhand rather than me speaking from my personal experiences.

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