Throne of Thunder: Tortos (10)


Tortos is a static boss with a single phase. Tortos has 6 main abilities:

  1. Furious Stone Breath is cast once his Fury reaches 100. This deals massive raid-wide damage and so MUST be interrupted by kicking a Whirl Turtle at Tortos.
  2. Rockfall is an ability that causes stalactites to fall from the roof of the cave, dealing high damage to players within 5 yards and lower damage to anyone within 20 yardsof the point of impact, which are clearly marked several seconds in advance, by blue circles.
  3. Quake Stomp is an ability that stuns all players for 1 second, and deals 65% of maximum HP as Physical damage and increasing the frequency of Rockfall for 8 seconds.
  4. Snapping Bite is a highly damaging ability used on the tank roughly every 8-10 seconds and deals a large amount of Physical damage.
  5. Growling Fury is cast if there is no one in melee range of Tortos which increases his fury generation therefore reducing the cooldown on Furious Stone Breath.
  6. Whirl Turtles will be cast every 60 seconds and summons 3 adds which cannot be tanked.

Whirl Turtles deal damage to players within 5 yards and a knock back. They can be attacked by melee players from farther away than 5 yards due to their large hitboxes. When a Whirl Turtle is close to dying, it casts Shell Block making it immune to damage and it becomes harmless and stops moving.

When this happens it can be kicked using the extra action button all players are given during this fight. This ability is only available when the player is close to a Shell Blocking turtle. Using the extra action button kicks the turtle in the direction that the player is facing.

Using Kick Shell causes the turtle to fly through the air. When it comes into contact with an enemy, the turtle interrupts their spell cast and debuffs them with Shell Concussion for 20 seconds, causing them to take 25% increased damage. Kicking turtles in this way is essential for interrupting Tortos’ Furious Stone Breath. As 3 Whirl Turtles spawn every minute and Tortos casts 1 Furious Stone Breath every 45 seconds there should always be enough turtles to kick, you should never run out of Turtles to interrupt these casts.

Every 30 seconds a group of Vampiric Cave Bats enters the room. The bats have normal aggro tables and their only special ability is Drain the Weak which deals a small amount of damage but heals each bat for 50x the damage dealt IF the target has
The strategy is ridiculously simple but execution of this needs to be flawless:

  • Tanks: MT tanks Tortos the OT should pick up the bats and tank them next to Tortos.
  • Melee DPS: focus on killing Tortos and the bats and when the turtles spawn should try to get a few hits and apply slows
  • Ranged DPS: focus all DPS on Whirl Turtles and only DPS Tortos when no Whirl Turtles are still up.
  • Healers: Keep MT above 65% HP and OT above 360K HP.
  • A ranged DPS/healer should be assigned to kicking a Whirl Turtle at the Tortos to interrupt every Furious Stone Breath.
  • Everyone: avoid the falling stalactites caused by Rockfall.
  • Everyone: use personal defensive abilities if your HP is below 70% when Quake Stomp is about to be cast.

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