Throne of Thunder: Primordius (10)


is a simple single-phase fight, Primordius will take only 75% of your
normal damage however, you can buff your stats (and therefore your
damage) by standing in red void zones left behind after killing the ooze
adds that spawn continuosly during the fight, (they have no aggro table
and do not attack players, they simply move to the boss and will buff
him when they hit him). This will randomly give you increases in stats,
haste, mastery, and critical rating. If you reach 5 stacks of these
buffs you will get the Fully Mutated buff enabling full damage to be
dealt to Primordius for 2 minutes. Once Fully Mutated you will need to
avoid the void zones as they now give you a stat debuff


Primordius only has two abilities and a buff.

  • Primordial Strike is a frontal cone attack cast every 20 seconds;
  • Malformed Blood is a stacking debuff that Primordius applies to the
    tank that deals Nature damage every 3 seconds forcing a tank switch;
  • Mutated Abomination is a buff that causes Primordius to take 25% reduced damage from players not Fully Mutated;

Temporary Abilities

has an mutation bar which increases slowly over time and speeds up when
a Living Fluid reaches him. Whenever the mutation bar reaches 100%, the
boss permanently gains a stack of a Evolution, which increases his
damage done by 10%, and his mutation is reset to 0. Each time the boss
gains a new stack of Evolution, he randomly gains one of the following

  • Ventral Sacs: a raid-wide AoE ability that deals Nature damage every second.
  • Caustic Gas: causes Primordius to deal a very large
    amount of Nature damage in a 25 yards radius around him that is shared
    between all players;
  • Acidic Spines: a single target attack that deals splash damage to players within 10 yards;
  • Volatile Pathogen: places a debuff called Pathogen Glands on random raid members that deals 100k damage per second for 10 seconds;
  • Metabolic Boost: a 50% haste buff that also reduces his ability cooldown by 50%;
  • Erupting Pustules: a non-targeted ranged attack that deals Nature damage in random areas of the room.

Primordius can not have more than 3 of these abilities active at one
time and upon gaining the 4th Evolution he will lose the oldest ability.

Living Fluids and Player Buffs

Fluid adds will spawn from the edges of the room and simply head
straight for the boss. They have very low health and they cannot be
stunned or slowed. When it reaches Primordius, the boss gains a certain
amount of mutation, pushing him closer to the next level of Evolution.

Killing a Living Fluid leaves behind one of two void zones.

  • >Mutagenic Pools are small red void zones that provide beneficial buffs to players who stand in them;
  • >Volatile Pools are large damaging purple void zones that move slowly towards Primordius, buffing him if they reach him;

Standing in a Mutagenic Pool gives a stack of one of the following buffs (at random):

  • Thick Bones grants a 5% increase in all stats.
  • Clear Mind grants a 10% increase in Mastery.
  • Improved Synapses grants 10% increase in Haste.
  • Keen Eyesight grants a 10% increase in Critical Strike chance.

When a player reaches a combined total of 5 stacks of these buffs,
they gain a 2-minute buff, called Fully Mutated. This renews the timer
on the previous buffs and transforms the player into a Saurok. While
Fully Mutated standing in a Mutagenic Pool will apply a stack of one of
the following 5 minute debuffs (at random):

  • Fragile Bones reduces all stats by 10%.
  • Clouded Mind reduces Mastery by 20%.
  • Dulled Synapses reduces Haste by 20%.
  • Impaired Eyesight reduces Critical Strike chance by 20%.

Dispelling players is possible, but a single dispel will remove all mutations from that player.

Volatile Pools

Primordius hits a Volatile Pool he instantly gains a new stack of
Evolution, and he is healed for 10% of his maximum health. If a player
comes in contact with one of these void zones, they take a large amount
of damage and receive one of the debuffs mentioned above. The Volatile
Pools move very slowly towards Primordius’ location.


The strategy for this fight is extremely simple, and we will summarise it before going into more details.

  • All DPS players who are not Fully Mutated kill Living Fluids, and absorb the Mutagenic Pools to gain mutation stacks;
  • All DPS players who are Fully Mutated exclusively DPS Primordius;
  • No adds to be killed near Primordius to avoid a Volatile Pool healing Primordius for 10% of his health;
  • Tanks face Primordius away from the raid, and alternate tanking him,
    in order not to let the stacks of Malformed Blood get too high.
  • The tank who is not currently tanking Primordius should be attacking
    the Living Fluids, as Malformed Blood grants increased damage against
    these adds.
  • Kite Primordius away from any Volatile Pools that are coming his way.
  • Ventral Sacs requires the healers to heal a large amount of raid damage.
  • Caustic Gas requires EVERYONE to be within 25 yards of Primordius, to split the damage between them.
  • Acidic Spines requires players to spread out at least 5 yards apart.
  • Pathogen Glands requires the targeted random raid members to be healed intensely.
  • Erupting Pustules requires raid members to avoid the falling projectiles.

DPS Priority
Kill adds until Fully Mutated, DPS boss while Fully Mutated.

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