Throne of Thunder: Jin’rohk the Breaker (10)


This a single-phase, single-target fight and the bosses trademark abitity is called Conductive Water. During the fight, Jin’rokh will summon these void zones one at a time and each one will eventually cover one quarter of the room and so act as an enrage timer.
Standing in Conductive Water will increasing damage done, damage taken and healing received until Jin’rokh changes it into Electrified Waters when it will deal constant damage to anyone standing it. The spawn point of the pools is possibly controllable but the strategies seem unpredictable at present but the pools are placed at the landing position of the victim of Thundering Throw, an ability that Jin’rokh casts at tank 30 seconds into the fight, and every 90 seconds after that.
Every 15 seconds he casts Focused Lightning on a random player which creates an orb of lightning which fixates and moves towards them. When it reaches its target it explodes and deals damage to all players within 8 yards and this damage is increased if standing in Conductive Water so it needs to be kited away from the group and out of the Conductive Water.
Static Burst is an attack that Jin’rokh regularly casts which causes the raid to take a moderate amount of Nature damage, and also applies Static Wound to the current tank. Static Wound causes the victim of Jin’rohk’s melee attacks to take increased damage AND third of the damage is also taken by EACH raid member. So tanks must switch when one of them has Static Wound.
Every 90 seconds Jin’rohk casts Lightning Storm a channeled spell that lasts 15 seconds which deals Nature damage to the whole raid. After casting Lighting Storm Jin’rokh turns Conductive Water into Electrified Waters which deals damage to all players who stand in it, so players should hug up for AoE heals and not be in the water.
The fight is not complicated and can be summarised as:
  • DPS and healers stand in Conductive Waters
  • Tanks switch on Static Wounds
  • Kite Focused Lightning Balls away from the raid
  • Hug up out of Conductive Waters for Lightning Storm
  • Do NOT stand in Electrified Waters

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