Throne of Thunder: Ji’Kun (10)

Ji-Kun is a fight of 2 halves. The platform fight and the nests
fights. This is a fight with a steep learning curve and only once the
nest teams have mastered their task will success occur.

The Platform Fight
On the platform Ji-Kun uses SIX abilities:
1) Infected Talons is a stacking Nature damage DoT.
2) Talon Rake applies a debuff which causes the target to take increased damage from Talon Rake for 1 minute.
Down Draft is a spell that Ji-Kun casts roughly every 2 minutes. It is a
channeled spell that pushes all players away from Ji-Kun for 8 seconds.
Players must run towards Ji-Kun to avoid being pushed back.
4) Caw is a nuke that Ji-Kun casts often which deal damage in an 8-yard radius of their point of impact.
Quills is a raid-wide AoE attack that Ji-Kun channels for 8 seconds
roughly every one minute that deals damage to ALL players.

Feed Young
sixth ability is Feed Young is regularly cast throughout the fight to
feed the Hatchlings in the nests below. When there are no Hatchlings
alive Feed Young is cast on the platform and leaves leaving a green void
zone upon landing. These void zones have several characteristics.

in a void zone for 3 seconds causes players to become Slimed which is a
DoT and a debuff causing them to take increased damage from further
applications of Slimed that is only removed when Ji-Kun dies. If a
player who is flying intercepts the food thrown by Ji-Kun while it is in
the air, they prevent the void zone from spawning, and they gain a
stack of a 30-second buff called Primal Nutriment, which increases
damage and healing done.

When Feed Young lands at the location of
the Hatchlings, they begin to eat for 10 seconds and if they’re still
alive after this, they become more powerful adds called Fledgelings.

The Nests Fight
Ji-Kun’s platform are 5 nests, with several unattackable and
untargetable eggs. When the nest is activated, these eggs spawn 4
Hatchlings who have a single ability which causes a small amount of
damage to their target. When they hatch, the Hatchlings call for food,
and Ji-Kun’s next Feed Young targets them. If they turn into
Fledgelings, they deal much higher damage and after a while, the
Fledgelings lay eggs which will spawn Juveniles.

The 3 nests
above Ji-Kun’s platform contain Mature Eggs of Ji-Kun. When one of these
nests is activated, Juveniles will hatch out after 20 seconds. After
hatching, Juveniles fly above the raid and throw balls of slime, which
also leave behind void zones. The Juveniles are out of range from the
platform and as the void zones act as a soft enrage, Juveniles must be
prevented from hatching.

Nest Activation
the fight starts, the north-eastern lower nest activates and every 30
seconds the until the end of the fight, a nest activates. Nests activate
in a clockwise direction and sometimes, both a lower and an upper nest
activates together.

The order of activation is:
00:30 -> lower nest.
01:00 -> lower nest.
01:30 -> lower nest.
02:00 -> upper nest.
02:30 -> upper nest.
03:00 -> upper nest.
03:30 -> lower nest.
04:00 -> lower nest.
04:30 -> lower + an upper nests.
05:00 -> upper nest.
05:30 -> upper nest.

This order repeats but Ji-Kun will most likely be dead or wipe the raid should it last too much longer.

Moving to Nests
get to the lower nests you can run and jump off of Ji-Kun’s platform,
if you miss the nest you are carried slowly back up to the platform.

can also fly between nests by running over a feather dropped by a
hatchling when it dies and you will get a buff with 4 charges, called
Daedalian Wings and an extra action button with the ability Flight.
Using Flight allows you to fly (orly?) but only for 10 seconds, removes 1
charge of Daedalian Wings and you are prevented from using flight again
for 15 seconds. If your Flight buff ends while you are still flying,
you will not take fall damage.

You can only pick up a feather once per minute.


  • You need 2 tanks to allow the Infected Talons and Talon Rake debuffs not to get out of control;
  • You need 2 nest groups of 2 DPS and 1 healer to go to the nests and rotate them;
  • Spreadout on Ji-Kun’s platform to minimise damage from Caw;
  • Stand as close to Ji-Kun when she is about to cast Down Draft and run towards her;
  • If you have spare Flight stacks intercept as many of the balls of
    slime that Ji-Kun throws to prevent the Feed Pools from spawning, and 
    for the damge buff;
  • Despawn Feed Pools on the platform by standing inside them for 3 seconds;

Nest Teams
00:30 -> lower nest -> Team 1
01:00 -> lower nest -> Team 2
01:30 -> lower nest -> Team 1.
02:00 -> upper nest -> Team 1.
02:30 -> upper nest -> Team 1.
03:00 -> upper nest -> Team 1.
03:30 -> lower nest -> Team 1.
04:00 -> lower nest -> Team 1.
04:30 -> lower -> Team 2 + an upper nests -> Team 1.
05:00 -> upper nest -> Team 1.
05:30 -> upper nest -> Team 1.

After clearing the nests, teams should return to the platform and spread out to minimise Caw damage.

be close to Ji-Kun and run towards her when she casts Down Draft and
use any movement-speed-increasing abilities to help keep you on the
platform. The nest teams should NOT use charges of Flight unless they
have just returned from a nest.

Maximising DPS
with Flight should to fly up in the air when Ji-Kun casts Feed Young on
her platform, and intercept balls of slime when they can as this will
boost their DPS.

Heroism /Time Warp should be used towards the end of the fight as things begin to get messy.

Healing Concerns
only healing concern is quills. The cooldown on this matches Spirit
Shell perfectly and therefore a Discipline Priest is awesome during this
part. If there is no discipline priest available your healers should
use raid cooldowns during this phase.

Because the nest teams are
also vulnerable to quills, players not on the platform when quills is
cast should use personal defense cooldowns and may need emergency
treatment when they finally land back on the platform.

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