Throne of Thunder: Durumu (10)

Durumu the Forgotten is three-phase fight. The phases are.
  1. The Normal Phase: Durumu uses his less harmful abilities during this time.
  2. The Colorblind Phase: at 0:30, 3:30, 6:30 and 9:30 Durumu targets 2
    raid members with a differently coloured cone of light. Each player will
    have to “kite” the cones around the platform until they reveal 3
    invisible adds which must be killed to end the phase.
  3. The Disintegration Beam/Maze Phase: at 2:30, 5:30  and 8:30 Durumu
    will enter the Disintegration Beam/Maze Phase where he channels a deadly
    beam of light in front of him and slowly rotate around the platform for
    1 minute. The floor of the room is covered in extremely damaging ground
    effects with only a small safe zone which moves slowly around the room
    and makes the maze which players must stand in to survive.
Durumu: Abilities
is a turret he cannot be moved from the centre of his platform and if
there is nobody in melee range, he will cast Gaze that deals raid wide
damage that will eventually wipe the raid.

He has 4 main abilities that he uses during the Normal and Colorblind Phases.

  • Hard Stare: a damaging attack cast on the tank that deals damage and applies two debuffs to the target;
  • Serious Wound: a stacking heal reduceing debuff;
  • Arterial Cut: a bleed effect that is removed when the target is healed to max HP;
  • Force of Will: an conal knockback cast on a random player that effects any player standing in this cone;
  • Lingering Gaze: a spell cast at 2 random raid members that deals
    damage in a 15-yard radius when they land and also creates a void zone.
    Standing in the void zone casues the player to take damage and get a
    slowing debuff;
  • Life Drain: he summons a Hungry Eye which channels Life Drain on a
    random raid member for 15 seconds, dealing ever increasing damage to the
    victim every second, and healing Durumu for the life drained. This can
    be intercepted by placing themselves between the Hungry Eye and the
    victim which causes the Hungry Eye to drain life from the second player
Colourblind Phase
30 seconds and then every 3 minutes Durumu enters the 2nd or
“Colorblind” Phase which lasts until the raid finds and kills 3 Crimson
Fogs. During this phase Durumu uses all the abilities from the 1st

When the Colorblind Phase starts, three random raid
members will be targeted by a red beam, a blue beam, and a yellow beam.
After a few seconds, the beams turn into three differently-colored cones
of light are created on the floor of Durumu’s circular platform: a red
cone, a blue cone, and a yellow cone.

The red and blue cones are
centered around the players targeted by the red and blue beams
respectively, and follow the players around as they move. The yellow
cone moves around either clockwise or counter-clockwise (it is chosen

Players standing in the cones share the damage it
deals and if nobody joins the targeted player inside a cone, the raid
will take huge damage from that cone.

Finding the Fog Beasts
Fog Beasts can only be found by moving the matching cloured cone of the
light over them. The blue cone will find the Azure Fog, the red cone
will find the Crimson Fogs and phase ends when all 3 Crimson Fogs are
dead. If the cone is moved past the Fog Beast’s location before it is
dead, the Fog Beast will go invisible.

Once revealed, the Crimson
Fog casts Caustic Spike on random raid members until it dies, the Azure
Fog casts Icy Grasp which deals ever increasing damage and respawns
immediately after being killed.

Maze Phase

After 2 minutes and 30 seconds Durumu will start channeling
Disintegration Beam Precast for the first 8 seconds the beam is harmless
and the floor of the room slowly gets covered by Eye Sores which
initially cover a random circular sector representing 1/12th of the room
before it expands clockwise or counter-clockwise direction (the
direction is random) and covers an additional 1/12th of the room every
second until the entire room is covered.

After the Eye Sores hit
the Disintegration Beam, you will see two safe zones forming next to
the beam. One safe zone is close to the boss and the other is further
away. The Disintegration Beam will now be “armed” and instantly kill
anyone it hits.

The safe zones keep moving with the beam so
players simply need to move through the maze to avoid taking damage from
the Disintegration Beam or the Eye Sores. Durumu also deals moderate
amounts of damage to random raid members but uses no other special
abilities or attacks.

first phase is pretty much a tank and spank. The tanks need to switch
so Serious Wound does not stack too high so the healers can easily keep
the tanks at full health so Arterial Cut damage is minimised.

should drop the void zones left behind by Lingering Gaze on the outer
edge of the platform and everybody should move out of the  cones created
by Force of Will which will kill them as they get knocked off the
When players are targeted by Life Drain, everybody should
try to interupt the beam between the player and the Hungry Eye to reduce
the healing Durumu receives.

During the Colourblind Phase, the
raid must reveal and kill 3 Crimson Fogs as quickly as possible, so the
Colorblind Phase is over quickly.

When Durumu casts the 3 beams
on the random players the locations of the 4 Fogs are shown by a circle
of red/blue fog for a second or two. Someone should mark these locations
especially that of the blue fog.

The raid should split evenly between the three cones to even out the damage:

  • Melee should stack in the red cone;
  • Healers should stack in the blue cone;
  • Tanks/ranged should stack in the yellow cone;
Everybody should stand as close to Durumu as they can so the healers can have all of the raid in range.

player targeted by the red cone must move around the platform to the
locations of each Crimson Fog and stand still until it has been killed,
before moving on to the next one.

The player targeted by the blue
cone should move to the designated blue cone spot (unless the Azure Fog
is at that location) so the Azure Fog is not revealed.

player kiting the red cone should move the opposite direction to the
yellow cone and and when moving the red cone through the blue/yellow
cones do it as fast as possible to minise incoming damage. The kiter
should also NEVER let the 3 beams cross at the same time as this will
cause the whole raid to take huge damage.

During the maze phase,
mark a player who knows how to move during this phase, and simply ask
the rest of the raid to follow them.survival is the key, stand in the
safe zone, do not take risks and do not panic the beam will be right up
your ass most of the time DPS should be done but getting through the
phase safely is more important.

Keys to Success

  • Getting through the Colourblind Phase quickly by killing 3 Crimson Fogs and NOT revealing the Azure Fog;
  • Surviving the Disintegration Beam Phase;

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