Throne of Thunder: Council of Elders (10)


The Council of Elders is a single-phase encounter during which you must defeat four Trolls: Frost King Malakk, Kazra’jin, Sul the Sandcrawler, and High Priestess Mar’li. They are helped by the spirit of Gara’jal the Spiritbinder by empowering one of them at a time which eventually starts channeling an ability that deals heavy raid-wide damage. To break the empowerment, the raid must remove 25% of the troll’s HP, which forces a new Troll to get empowered.

Frost King Malakk has two abilities:

  1. Frigid Assault deals Frost damage to the tank and also applies a stacking debuff on them. The debuff does nothing before it reaches 15 stacks. When this happens, the tank becomes stunned for 15 seconds. Dealing with this debuff requires a tank switch.
  2. Biting Cold is cast at a random player, which deals Frost damage to the targeted player and causes them to deal Frost damage every 2 seconds to all allies within 4 yards. This effect lasts 30 seconds.

When Malakk is empowered, Biting Cold becomes Frostbite which targets a random raid member and deals Frost damage to them, applies 5 stacks of Frostbite which causes the player to deal Frost damage every second to all allies within 4 yards for 30 seconds. The damage dealt to the afflicted players and the allies within 4 yards is multiplied by the number of stacks.

To reduce the number of stacks to 1 (and avoid death) 2 players should stand within 4 yards of the afflicted player will cause the afflicted player to lose 2 stacks of the debuff;

Kazra’jin has 1 main ability:

  1. Reckless Charge, causes him to rush towards a random player, damaging everyone in his path and knocking back players who are still at the targeted location when he arrives. When Kazra’jin is empowered, he becomes stunned for 20 seconds, during which he will reflect 50% of the damage he takes.

Sul the Sandcrawler has two abilities: 

  1. Sand Bolt deals Nature damage to a random victim and anyone within 5 yards of them. This ability can and should be interrupted.
  2. Quicksand is a void zone that deals Nature damage to anyone standing in it and applies a stack of Ensnared that reduces their movement speed, if they reach 5 stacks Entrapped for 30 seconds.

When empowered, Sul casts Sandstorm every 40 seconds which transforms Quicksand into a Living Sand add that melee attack. When a Living Sand dies, it leaves behind a Quicksand pool.

High Priestess Mar’li has two abilities:

  1. Wrath of the Loa is an interuptable spell that targets a random raid member and deals Holy damage to them.
  2. Blessed Loa Spirit runs towards the troll with the lowest remaining HP and will heal them for 10% of their max HP if it reaches them (or after 20 seconds). The spirit can be slowed and rooted.

When Mar’li is empowered she casts Shadowed Loa Spirit that fixates on a random raid member if it reaches it target (or after 20 seconds) the victim will die. The spirit can be slowed and rooted.


  • spread out 7 yards;
  • when Kazra’jin charges, he will turn towards his target giving everyone time to get out of the way;
  • when Frost King Malakk is empowered, 2 players should move to within 4 yards of the target of Frostbite;
  • melee players, will simply have to contend with more damage taken and will often need to move to avoid the charges from Kazra’jin and the Quicksand pools.
  • unless Mar’li is empowered noody should be near her except her tank;

Tanking Concerns

  • One of the tanks will take High Priestess Mar’li and the other Sul the Sandcrawler.
  • Tanks will need to alternate tanking Frost King Malakk, to avoid getting 15 stacks of Frigid Assault.
  • The non Malakk tank should pick up the Living Sands.

Healing Concerns

  • The  Malakk tank will take higher damage
  • When Sandstorm occurs BOTH tanks will be taking a lot of damage
  • If a boss gets 100 Dark Energy, they will start casting Dark Power and the damage it deals increase by 10% every cast which can cause raid wide dmage to get out of control.
  • When Kazra’jin is empowered you should expect to use a few healing cooldowns.

DPS Concerns

The DPS priority for the fight is the following:

  1. Shadowed Loa Spirit;
  2. Living Sands;
  3. Empowered boss if Dark Power is over 50;
  4. Sul
  5. Kazra’jin
  6. Empowered boss;

Sul should be burned fast to avoid a Sandstorm cast if possible. We found that the DPS loss from killing the Blessed Loa was more than the heal the Blessed Loa delivers and therefore we ignore it and is the reason it is not in the priority list

Boss Kill Order

Sul the Sandcrawler > Kazra’jin> Any

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  1. Ian you forgot to mention in the Malakk section the awesome power of having a druid tanking him as the debuff only occurs if he can hit you which, with druids, is fairly rare since they are dodge machines. Generally I take Malakk and, when needed (10-ish stacks) the other tank takes him off me and I take him back once the debuff drops off me. I have never taunted one of the other bosses off the other tank whilst they also have Malakk so it's possible that a tank can tank all 3 bosses for a short time at least.

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