The Sin Bin

Been thinking about the issues I have seen in LFR recently, like people beating on General Nazgrim in defensive stance, and I wonder if Blizzard could implement a sin bin type effect for players that spend more than a few seconds doing the wrong thing so that the offender gets teleported out of the fight area and made to watch an in-game cinematic explaining that doing the “wrong thing” is wrong and that the next time they repeat the same offense in that fight will simply result in the offender being placed in the Sin Bin for the rest of the fight. This allows for someone to make a number of potentially raid wiping mistakes in a fight and get ported out to educated on why they shouldn’t be doing what they’re doing.
Being placed in the Sin Bin would mean that the player would lose all rights to loot from that boss in that week in LFR difficulty raids and only be able to return to the group once the group defeats that boss.
This not only educates the player in what not to do but also penalises repeat offenders and not the group (yes they are a man down for the fight but that is probably a positive overall anyway).
If the player repeats the offence the following week, the same process happens rather than instantly penalising them. I don’t think there would be a need for harsher penalities as losing the ability to get a loot drop from a boss for multiple weeks is penalty enough in my opinion.
Do you think this would work? If not what measures do you thank could be put in place to help educate these players?

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  1. I think it would be cool if there was an optional tutorial mode in LFR. The game could pop up something like DBM warnings with messages like "Kill and interrupt the Shaman" (possibly with an overlayed picture of the mob, or an arrow pointing to it) during a fight like Galakras. Or "Dispel x debuff" and highlight the raid frame of someone who had it. It wouldn't necessarily punish those who didn't follow the directions, but seems like a better way for people to learn fights than just reading the dungeon journal .

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