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3 years ago today this blog was born. I had honestly expected to run out of ideas for content at best 2 and a half years ago and expected nobody to read it.
But I’m still here and I’m getting 100+ readers per day, sure its not gonna frighten MMO-Champion or WoWInsider, but a massive audience was never my aim and while I’d love to reach more eyes I’m happy that anyone reads my ramblings.
Looking through the stats on the site  is, for me at least, quite interesting:
  • 58379 unique page visits;
  • Top referrer is;
  • Top search word is “bubbles”;
  • Most of you are from the United States;
  • While most of you use Firefox (17125) many use Chrome (16988) and Internet Explorer (16147);
My top 3 posts? Well I was shocked to find none of them are priest related, the top page, with 5242 visits is a post entitled Cataclysm Beta: Portals Linking Darnassus to Exodar, in second place with 2707 visits was Archaelology 101 and in third place is Transmogrification 101 with 2253 visits. My most popular month was October 2012 with 4827 visitors, which was presumably due to the launch Mists of Pandaria.
The best and most unexpected result of the blog has been the new contacts I have met because of the blog and that has inspired me to continue writing and become more active in the WoW community, which I am proud to say is, without exception, full of great people. Bloggers with huge readership and podcasters who I have placed on pedestals are really just great down to earth folks like the rest of us.
I hope to be around for at least another 3 years, although I must admit the thought of still being in WoW after 10 years is a little scary. My goals for the future are to become a bigger contributor to the community by commenting more on other people’s blogs and becoming a more active podcast listener, by sending in questions and opinions rather than doing nothing like I have done for the past 6 years!
So thank you all for helping me keep going throughout the past 3 years and if you have any feedback pleasepost comments on the relevant posts.

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