The Alt Factory: Mikmaq

Primary role:Mêlée DPS
Birth Date: September 16th 2008

Mikmaq was named after small North American indian race as I had the North American indian image generated from the Tauren in mind when I created my shaman. She was initially created as an experiment in multi-boxing with her mage partner Mandak and Mikmaq was initially intended to be an elemental shaman.
However, overtime I have become a fan of enhancement and  her off-spec is healer. However because of my love of healing and the fact that there are simply too few healers in the game and, more importantly my guild I usually end up healing in raids.
A herbalist and alchemist (flask master) by trade Mikmaq has spent much of her non-levelling time out in the world herbing while waiting for instance/LFR queues to pop although in Mists that has shifted a bit towards pet battles.

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