The Alt Factory

Having played for over 6 years at times I got bored or just plain ran out of things to do on Evlyxx, my “main” so I have a number of other characters (“alts”) that I play to repeat challenges or just to spice things up. Over time I have levelled one of each class to level cap.

Doing this has given me a wider appreciation of class capabilities and skills of the people I play with and that in turn has made me better healer and a better player all-round. I don’t profess to know each class intimately and I doubt/hope I never will.

Members of my militia are:

Primary role: Healer
Birth Date: November 17th 2005
Obvious I guess, but I thought it was worth listing my main here as well. I won’t go into any specific information as its all been said at various spots around the site!

Primary role: Damage dealer
Birth Date: September 3rd 2006

Whilst not the first alt I ever rolled my mage is the oldest one still hanging around on Shadowsong EU. Valdarian began life as a female human mage named Magyxx and was part of an army created to have some auction house fun however I stupidly named my alts with a theme based around their class and the “yxx” suffix I invented when naming Evlyxx so it was bloody obvious the mass postings on the auction house was 1 person! But I digress….

Magyxx eventually became Eyesical and after finally becoming bored with stupid names and deciding I wanted my mage to look like Shade of Aran, led to the birth of Valdaran so named after a wikipedia search for aran led me here. I recently evicted him to a dofferent server to level a NElf mage for the guild achievement but a few days ago decided I wanted the old guy back so deleted my newly rolled 85 Nelf mage and brought the old fella back home. Sadly I had to change name when I put him on his holiday server and simply added an “i” to the name because it was close enough and sounded good too.

Vald, as he is often referred to, has led a mixed life, starting as a herb/ore farmer and ending up as my goto DPS raider back in Wrath until I got bored playing arcane mage and switched over to Strigimaga, his raiding in Cataclysm has been limited to 2 Magmaw kills but soon that will improve with some LFR action.

Primary role: Damage dealer
Birth Date: November 29th 2006

Rolled initially as a bank alt called Bevlyxx (Bank of Evlyxx) a female Night Elf rogue that I eventually leveled up to max level in Burning Crusade. I chose teh rogue to enable me to be able to unlock lock boxes only to discover that you only got level ups on lockpicking upto 5x your current level.
The rogue sat idle for the first half of Wrath and then I got bored and decided to level her up. I soon tired of teh female Night Elf bouncy jiggle thing and decided to race/sex change to a male gnome. The name Bevlyxx seemed a female name so I needed a new name and I opted for something rogue like and as I was playing with a South African went looking for a Afrikaans word, eventually opting for Moordenaar,  meaning assassin or murderer. I played him quite a bit and was permanently “harassed” by the many Dutch people I encountered on the EU servers who insisted on trying to speak with me in Dutch and eventually this became so frustrating I changed the name to Fingersmith soon after dinging 85. The name chosen because of its meaning, a person with any skill involving the use of hands, most often used to refer to a pickpocket who has never been caught.
He is my best pure DPSer and I always have fun playing with him and during my first visit to Molten Core on him while attempting to gather the Tier 1 rogue set I got the Bindings of the Windseeker from Baron Geddon which was upsetting as I was hoping to get Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker on my paladin but as soon as that dropped I stopped even trying on him. Last week I managed to get the other half from Garr and I am now the proud owner of a legendary!

Primary role: Tank
Birth Date: January 5th 2007

Whilst Eusebian, was rolled because of an ex-guildie, Dragonbait (now known as Dragonsting). During the Burning CrusadeDragon and I was running old Vanilla content to get Large Brilliant Shards for mana oils and I was amazed at the punishment a pally could take even as holy tanking and thought I need one of those! As Dragon is Portuguese, I decided to name the pally after a Portguese footballing legend, Eusébio, but sadly the name had gone so I simply dropped the “io” and added “ian” to put my name in there too!

I leveled as protection and quested by rounding up as many mobs as I could muster and AoE tank them to death I soon reached level 70 and started tanking heroics and later Karazhan called and I ended the expansion a happy tanking pally.
Wrath came and dual specs with it I had dabbled with healing in the Burning Crusade but to be honest I healed on my main and therefore tried out retribution, I sucked and just bit my tongue and went wit a holy OS. I rarely got the chance to tank beyond Wrath heroics and I my few ICC outings were mainly as a healer but I did try tanking Lichy once maybe twice but without success. 
During Cataclysm I leveled Eusebian early and he became my primary alt, tanking heroics but never got the chance to try out the raiding during T11 and T12. That has changed in 4.3 and I’m running Dragonsoul regulaly enough although usually the latter half so my gear sort of sucks for what I’m trying although late last month I did manage to drop Deathwing thanks to the folks at Saturday Knight Fever.

Primary role: Tank
Birth Date: January 2008

Mugruith, was named after a druid from Irish mythology after I did some research on Wikipedia, who said

Mug Ruith (or Mogh Roith, “slave of the wheel”) is a figure in Irish mythology, a powerful blind druid of Munster who lived on Valentia Island, County Kerry. He could grow to enormous size, and his breath caused storms and turned men to stone. He wore a hornless bull-hide and a bird mask, and flew in a machine called the roth rámach, the “oared wheel”. He had an ox-driven chariot in which night was as bright as day, a star-speckled black shield with a silver rim, and a stone which could turn into a poisonous eel when thrown in water.

While I thought I was being clever and selecting a unique and meaningful name I wasn’t and had I checked the armory I would not have selected the name but I’m happy with the name.
Mugruith has always been a bit of the black sheep of my team although in cataclysm I have used him a lot more than before and enjoyed it too. He wasn’t my first druid, that was Wildthorn who I deleted at a low level and then Morphyxx who I deleted at level 25. I found druids incredibly dull to level and after trying balance and kitty for levelling stopped playing him at level 40 and mothballed him. Then after dabbling with recruit-a-friend I had some free levels to grant and boosted him to 3xp short of 61 by some clever use of the level grant system. I levelled him to 62 but once more got bored with being a kitty and disliked resto so again mothballed him until Feb 2009. 
I picked him up again and started playing him as balance and loved it. Don’t know what changed but hey I didn’t care! I eventually maxed him out in Wrath and after Deadwood started to fail I decided to go see Shadowsong on the Hordeside and was not impressed so my time as a cowman was brief. However, it did reinvigorate my desire for the class and I ended Wrath raiding as a moonkin and a tree in ICC with the guys from Saturday Knight Fever. 
At the beginning of Cataclysm he was the first character I levelled as he went herbing and mining on the first day and gained almost 2 levels. Over the coming weeks and months I levelled him purely through gathering and that made him very vulnerable by the time I was questing in Twilight Highlands in ICC 10 man gear. I switched him to feral soon after dinging 85 and have thoroughly enjoyed it so much I went a trialled him with another raiding guild shortly before switching Evlyxx and the rest of the army to Exhumed, where once more Mugruith has gone into a semi retirement. I’m hoping for bigger and better things for my druid love in Mists though so watch this space…

Primary role: Damage dealer
Birth Date: April 20th 2008

Rolled initially as a PVP 19 twink to relieve the boredom in the early days of Wrath. This didn’t last too long as I tired of pugging BGs solo even with the ability to one shot folks 9 levels below me because it felt like shooting fish in a barrel.
The name Strigimaga was one that I actually did a lot of searching for and is a very old name for a witch. The full text that drew me to the name is below, and was taken from the book: Fearless Wives and Frightened Shrews: The Construction of the Witch in Early Modern Germany by Sigrid Brauner:

In Roman folklore, the striga (derived from Latin strix, or “screech owl”) was a birdlike female spirit of the night who was believed to render men impotent and to feed children poisonous milk. Clerical writers used the term in the Middle Ages to describe the night-flying spirits of folk belief. But as in the cases of Hexe, lamia, and Unbulde, a term originally used to describe a mythical female spirit was redefined after 1450 to apply to the real-life modern witch.

Though less common than other terms for witches, striga inspired several etymologies and variations that tied it to modern witchcraft. The Inquisitor Bernhard of Como (Tractatus de strigiis, 1508) derives the term from the mythological underworld river Styx – because witches, he says, are from hell – and from the Greek word stigitos (“sadness”) – because witches, through their harmful sorcery, bring sadness. The Roman Dominican Sylvester Prierias (De mirandic sirigimagarum, 1521) changes the term striga into strigimaga in order to emphasize the harmful sorcery of witches. The Italian Inquisitor Arnaldus Alberunus (Tractatus de agnoscendis assertionibus catholicis, et bereticis, 1540) claims that witches are called strigae because they communicate at night by screaming like screech owls. Through such imaginative derivations and word combinations, sixteenth-century writers tailored the term striga to fit the new concept of the modern witch, adding connotations of harmful sorcery and diabolical dealings to the term while fortifying its traditional association with night flying..

Because of the gear being BiS at 19 and enchanted to the max I was able to level up fast and hit Outland still in mostly the same gear I was  PVPing in. Outland quest rewards fixed that though and I powered through the BC content and then ground my way to 74 as I levelled up my engineering grinding the mechs in the Steam Pools in Borean Tundra hoping to get the Jeeves pattern before hitting the usual quest/instance trail.
During the latter half of 2010 I changed my 2nd main from my mage, Valdarian, to Strigimaga as I was bored of the ways of the arcane mage 1 button spam in ICC raids (i was raiding with the lovely folks of All About Beer). Strig had a busy start to Cataclysm as I continued to raid with All About Beer through T11 but within 2 weeks of Firelands content coming out most of the guys in AAB stopped playing and my working schedule changed at this time as well so my alt raiding dried up until the Raid Finder. I’m looking forward to Mists and picking up the raiding on with a lock again because it was so much fun and the 5.0.4 changes will make that even better.

Primary role: Healer
Birth Date: September 16th 2008

Primary role: Tank
Birth Date: November 23rd 2008

Primary role: Tank
Birth Date: January 24th 2009

Primary role: Damage dealer
Birth Date: December 7th 2010

Primary role: Tank
Birth Date: Sept 25th 2012