Talent Specific Ability Macros

Abilities that are available only through talents are often situational and I like to keep the abilities from each talent row on the same keybind. In Warlords dragging the ability from the talent selection forced the action button to update to the newly selected ability when you changed it, that isn’t happening for me right now which is a pain in the backside. Fortunately, through the power of macros it is possible to replicate the Warlrods behaviour. A word of caution, if you don’t want abiities thrown onto your bars when switching talents, you will need to place ALL non-passive abilities on your bars. If you are using a bar addon like Bartender/Domino you can use a bar that is hidden to avoid the clutter). The format is [talent: talent tier/talent option column] ability name; e.g. [talent:2/2] Body and Mind;

The three macros I have for Holy priesting are below:

  • Tier 2 talents:
    /use [talent:2/1] Angelic Feather; [talent:2/2] Body and Mind; [talent:2/3] Desperate Prayer;
  • Tier 6 talents:
    /use [talent:6/1] Divinity; [talent:6/2] Divine Star; [talent:6/3] Halo;
  • Tier 7 talents:
    /use [talent:7/1] Apotheosis; [talent:7/2] Benediction; [talent:7/3]Circle of Healing;

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