Talent Conditionals in Warcraft Macros

It is possible to add a conditional into a macro that checks your talent selection and assign spells based on your talent choice.
It doesn’t just give you the talent chosen it even allows you to put in a replacement spell for talent choices that are passive and when combined with the spec variable can allow 1 macro to cover a potential 9 spells for most classes and 12 for druids!
As an example of the basic format as a Disc priest my tier 7 talents are:
  • Clarity of Will (a castable bubble);
  • Words of Mending (a passive ability that auto casts a mana free Prayer of Mending);
  • Saving Grace (a castable heal);
Now what I can do is have a macro that casts Clarity of Will or Saving Grace if I chose either of those 2 spells but if I chose the passive ability I can also make the keybind do something else (I will make my choice here to be Prayer of Mending but it could equally be Hearthstone)
/cast [talent:7/1] Clarity of Will; [talent:7/2] Prayer of Mending; [talent:7/3] Saving Grace;


However, it could have equaly been three spells with no relation to the talents and that is what makes it better than dragging the talent to your bar:


/cast [talent:7/1] Smite; [talent:7/2] Mind Sear; [talent:7/3] Leap of Faith;
Now something else that I’ve know for a few years is that there is a spec;1/2 condional you can use in a macro. So if I want to cast Smite as Disc and Heal as Holy I can use this:
/cast [spec:1]Heal;[spec:2]Smite
So therefore it should be possible to combine the 2 conditionals to produce a macro that checks your spec and talents!
A good example is the tier 7 talents as Holy Priests don’t get Clarity of Will they get Clarity of Purpose which changes the way Prayer of healing works and renames the spell Clarity of Purpose so now what you can do is add in a spec conditional to the macro so it casts Clarity of Purpose for holy priests (this assumes you have Disc as the main spec and holy as the second spec.
/cast [spec:1,talent:7/1] Clarity of Will; [spec:2,talent:7/1] Clarity of Purpose; [talent:7/2] Prayer of Mending; [talent:7/3] Saving Grace;
If you use Clique you can import this macro straight into Clique to replace the spell (remember to drop the #showtooltip) and Vuhdo users can ofc use this macro by calling the macro Name rather than the spell name.

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