How to Fix an Empty Guild and an Empty Auction House

Tired of an empty guild, an empty, a very expensive Auction House, a newly dinged level 85 with no gold and a desire to try to get into some Horde side raiding I finally realised that keeping my Horde priest on a low pop realm and on a minority faction was a pointless exercise. I had considered a realm transfer a week ago but struggled on, the Blizzard hit me…

July 28, 2012

MoP: Accountwide “Stuff” in Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria has brought many cool new things and 3 of the key features for me are the fact that pets, mounts and achievements are now becoming account wide. Pets are becoming account wide to facilitate the abomination that has been labelled Wowkemon around the community. But that aside the benefits of account-wide pets is bitter sweet sure it will save us all buying a pet multiple times and…

April 1, 2012