Lady Luck is a Cruel Mistress

Aargh! Is all I can say. Still not sure if the feeling I have is joy or annoyance. But sometimes lady luck can be a cruel mistress. On Evlyxx, I have farmed Stratholme for a chance of getting the Baron’s Mount lots, since achievements have been around I know the actual figure is a rather lowly 18 , I know people that got lucky on their first run, 1 guy…

September 19, 2010

Now the end is here

Well for me Wrath of the Lich King is finally conquered I have succesfully defeated Arthas, the Lich King  on 10 and 25 man modes, no heroic version but I really never anticipated that happening. Its been a long journey, I started attempts on Lich King 10 way back in February when I joined Immersion, missed the run where the 10 man group killed him and that meant progression moved…

September 17, 2010

When The Drama Llama Comes to Town

Guild drama, been pretty free of it since I joined Immersion, we did have a small hiccup a few months ago when the GM and an officer (friends in the real world too) decided that as we had killed the Lich King they had finished WotLK, which is their decision and its not a bad one if your circumstances demand more out of game than you can commit with the…

September 2, 2010

Cataclysm Beta: First Impressions

To avoid upsetting anyone all my beta information is going to be hidden from the main page, So if you want to have content spoiled you will need to click the “read more” link further down the page. The only clue will be from the title of the post but these will, I promise, always be vague enough to not give anything away. My purpose of playing the beta is to…

August 15, 2010

RealID: Hero to Zero

I am loving the RealID system. It allows me to to stay in touch with the people I have become friends with online regardless of where they are in WoW. However, the reign of it being the best thing in WoW since the Dungeon Finder  is about to come to a very abrupt end after a very short time. With the announcement (source) yesterday, that in future forum posts on Blizzard…

July 7, 2010

WoW on a Poor Connection.

I have been suffering a really dodgy connection from my ISP lately, my download is all of 130Kb, which is about 15% of my normal speed. But it has made me appreciate how bad your connection can be ansd how tolerant WoW actually is of this. Sure it has meant that I am unable to raid ICC on 25 man because even with all the settings to minimum the data flow…

June 13, 2010

The State of Raiding

In vanilla/classic WoW raiders were hard core players and the game was like a ladder you had to climb step-by-step to get to the top. Getting to 60 was a really epic journey and that took time and people learned their class and how to play the game generally. Once at 60 you farmed the 60 dungeons including Upper Blackrock Spire a 15 (and later 10) man raid zone that…

June 6, 2010