The Alt Factory: Strigimaga

Primary role: Damage dealer Birth Date: April 20th 2008 Rolled initially as a PVP 19 twink to relieve the boredom in the early days of Wrath. This didn’t last too long as I tired of pugging BGs solo even with the ability to one shot folks 9 levels below me because it felt like shooting fish in a barrel. The name Strigimaga was one that I actually did a lot…

September 2, 2012

What a Long Strange Trip Its Been

This weekend my 10 man raid guild decided that the summer was too good to miss and with Cataclysm just around the corner a break was needed for us all to charge our batteries and be fresh for the next wave of challenged. I must admit I wasn’t ready for this myself and the announcement came out of nowhere, but as enough of the group had asked for the break to our…

July 25, 2010