Vision or Delusion? You Decide!

Been thinking a lot about this recently and how we can get the benefits of a big server without moving everything off of Shadowsong. What we’re after is a bigger pool of players to recruit from than Shadowsong is able to offer us. Somewhere like Silvermoon is perfect as it has a big Alliance heavy population. It is a perfect realm for what we want, but none of us really…

May 26, 2014

Holiday Boss

Its been a hard few weeks in the world of raiding, seeing posts from fellow priests like Derevka and Malevica posting guides on healing heroic Dragon Soul bosses fills me with a little bit of envy as my guild are currently struggling with the holiday boss and a few interlopers who have deserted WoW for a month until their free SW:TOR month ends, keeping us at 4/8 on normal modes….

January 3, 2012

Saturday Knight Fever want you!

Just a quick post to advertise a need my guild, Saturday Knight Fever, have right now. We are looking for tanks and ranged DPS to fill some raid needs we have. As you’ll see from the WoWProgress info, we’re not cutting edge we’re casual and if you’re looking for progresion raiding we’re not for you. We like to consider ourselves as a casual guild that raids rather than a raiding…

February 4, 2011

Back To Action

With the saga of ISP issues now behind me, I am back raiding with Immersion, my 25 man raiding guild. In the 5 weeks I’ve been out of it, the guys and gals have added 2 more hard modes as they have now defeated Blood Princes and Valithria Dreamwalker. Also, Halion was worked on lots and finally defeated and I have yet to have my first tries on this as…

August 5, 2010