The Nemesis Quest Series

February 17, 2016

Today I want to talk about the Nemesis series of quests, now if you’re not into PvP this may be unfamiliar to you so I’ll explain exactly what it is. When you choose the Gladiator Sanctum you get a series of quests to kill 500 of each race of the opposing faction in PvP combat in Draenor. Unfortunately, you can only take one of the quests at a time so…


Evangelysm Podcast: Season 3, Show 42.

February 15, 2016

So been doing a bit of PvP in Ashran lately andIve spotted a trend, the Horde seems to have a lot of DKs and not a lot of Pandaren. The second show of Season 3 where I talk about the Nemesis quest series and look at the Xhul’horac encounter in Hellfire Citadel. The map of my location referred to in this episode is shown to the right. Show 42, Season…


Can World PVP Ever Work?

Once again, Blizzard are trying to make world pvp happen and during BlizzCon they even admitted they have Rose Tinted Goggles over the Southshore vs Tarren Mill world PVP battles that used to happen in Vanilla and have for the past 8 years tried in vain to make it happen. Vanilla patch 1.12 gave us silithyst which gave the faction to get 200 returns of silithyst dust a zone wide…

December 6, 2013

Where I’m at What I’m Grinding III

While I may have been slack lately here on the blog the same hasn’t been true in real life or in game. My guild, have been trying all expansion to set up an RBG team and I had been resisting the urge to join in. Partly because I got my hands full with raiding but mostly because I’ve never been a big PVPer (or particularly good at it). I have…

May 11, 2013


Deathy is dead!  (screenshot courtesy of Exhumed) I’m glad to report that on February 9th, 2012 myself and 9 friends from Exhumed successfully slaughtered Deathwing and therefore saved the citizens of Azeroth from their impending doom. But seriously, I was honoured to be part of the guild’s first kill and as much as my ego would like to think they couldn’t have done it without me they most definitely could have although I’m glad they…

February 21, 2012

I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles…..

I rolled a priest back in 2005 and the 1st 4 years Evlyxx was primarily a Holy priest. Shadow was my occasional “off-spec” and Discipline was this nasty kind of PVP spec that never appealed as it was neither healing nor DPS. It filled this strange place. I knew a few priests that dabbled and then returned Holy and that was how it went. Then along came Wrath, Discipline was the revised…

February 23, 2011

Relearning Mana Management…again

Just go my first really detailed look at the list of changes for the next patch and what a lot of changes there are. One thing is for sure, we’re going to have to relearn how to manage our mana all over again just as we did when 4.0.3 and Cataclysm came. The list of changes doesn’t just affect us priests though, all of our friends are getting the same…

February 5, 2011