Three Today!

3 years ago today this blog was born. I had honestly expected to run out of ideas for content at best 2 and a half years ago and expected nobody to read it. But I’m still here and I’m getting 100+ readers per day, sure its not gonna frighten MMO-Champion or WoWInsider, but a massive audience was never my aim and while I’d love to reach more eyes I’m happy…

January 22, 2013

7 WoW Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

I’ve been a follower of many WoW podcasts since teh early days of WoW and the majority have faded away either because the show stopped or the host(s) stopped playing WoW.  Over the years though the general trend has been a steadily increasing quality of production and some great content too. My current list is below in alphabetical order because sorting into a ranked order was just too tough: All…

December 10, 2012