Sunday Screenshot #45

November 23, 2014

  A week further on and the crowds of players seems to have pretty much disappeared, no more server queues, very few bugs and most importantly, garrisons seem to be able to be trusted again. So much so that I have now started to log off there on all my alts that have one. The daily routine is setting in too and this means many taxi rides around the world…


Transmogrification: Prophecy Set Completed

At long last I have finally been able to complete my Tier 1 set for transmogrification. It was something I started work on when I heard about Transmogging back in August and being the proud owner of Benediction gained during Vanilla Molten Core days I have chosen this as one of the sets I’ll use for my healing gear. Although I must admit I have cheated a bit because Garr still refuses to drop…

December 21, 2011

Welcome to the Firelands!

A week ago today 4.2 launched and the Firelands raid was thrust upon us. I was happy that we managed to kill Cho’Gall pre-nerf but a little sad that we failed to get Nefarian and Al’Akir down and having seen the Tier 11 content post nerf I’m a little bit more miffed than I was this time last week. Anyhow, I am sure you, my loyal readers don’t want to know that,…

July 13, 2011

The Backstory: A Raid Group of My Own

Having been boosted by Soul of the Fire through Molten Core and Onyxia I continued to leech from their kindness with runs through Zul’Gurub and Molten Core on their off-nights. I was really enjoying the experience but felt like I was simply a passenger and started looking for a guild I could raid with. I was very happy in EZO where I was an officer, but despite large numbers very little interest in raiding…

November 20, 2010

The Backstory: After The Dragon….

If you have been reading my blog for a while or been dedicated enough to go back in time you may remember or stumble across a post I made back in May 2010 about how I got started in raiding and I never finished the story so over the next few weeks I will make one of my posts one of my backstory. After killing Onyxia (level 60) I was…

November 18, 2010