Looking For Dungeon a New Twist

A busy day in town surely we can find something for these folks to do? Ever wondered why running dungeons has become a clinical, interaction free, non social event if you use LFD and yet they are immense fun with guildies just like they used to be during TBC and vanilla even when pugging? Well I have and a thought occurred to me a few days ago while bored at…

July 17, 2012

Should we pug a tank?

Heroics, love them or hate them they are without doubt the big topic of the moment. There is very little middle ground and it is the cause of lots of emotional outbursts in the SKF /g channel. What I have noticed though is that the 2 camps are adamant that their view is correct and their belief is based on one thing. My take on this magic factor is unlike most…

January 29, 2011