Inner City Over-crowding

One of the refreshing things about Cataclysm is the return to life of the capital cities. I remember the days of “unknown entity” in Ironforge in Vanilla and the lag that was also in Shattrath. But with Wrath we were assured that the no fly zone would help prevent the lag in Dalaran. Sadly even Dalaran was way too small to play host to all the citizens of Azeroth without causing…

January 5, 2011

My ISP Won’t Let Me Raid

Well 25 man content at least. It has now been 3 weeks without a decent enough Internet connection to be able to raid 25 man content, my search for a new ISP has ended, but the pain and suffering caused to me so far has been immense and I hope to have it all sorted, in another week as finally TalkTalk have  accepted that it is not my PC or…

June 28, 2010

WoW on a Poor Connection.

I have been suffering a really dodgy connection from my ISP lately, my download is all of 130Kb, which is about 15% of my normal speed. But it has made me appreciate how bad your connection can be ansd how tolerant WoW actually is of this. Sure it has meant that I am unable to raid ICC on 25 man because even with all the settings to minimum the data flow…

June 13, 2010