Holy Sheet

The new off spec I have recently changed my off-spec to Holy because I no longer “need” to have a shadow spec for grinding daily quests to build up my guild rep and finally getting my 2500 daily quest achievement. I had specced dual-disc for times when I wasn’t able to heal effectively with Atonement, but found that I simply wasn’t using the non-Atonement spec. This week and last week,…

May 2, 2012

Priesting 101: The Way of the Holy Priest.

I have been asked a few times recently on how I play the priest class, the talents I chose, the gear I pick, the gems and enchants I use. While there is no perfect answer there are a few simple rules that I use to help me be the 2nd greatest priest you know. Today I’m going to cover the first phase of making sure I end up 3rd on your…

May 14, 2011