My 3 Wishes for Warcraft

It has been too long since I did a non themed blog post. Today I am going to break that pattern. I have moaned and whined about the game for too long and think I can do a better job than Blizzard and that Greg Street dude. So today I’m going to imagine that I have been given the role of Blizzard’s Lead Systems Designer and have the power to…

April 3, 2013

Leveling Experiment: A new Mage

I was bored, the guild were closing in on “Stay Classy” I had ££s in my wallet and a 10 level 85s on Shadowsong. A lethal mix for an altaholic with a weird ass shift pattern (2 days 0700-1900, 2 nights 1900-0700 and 4 days off) that gives me too much time home alone. I decided to ship an alt out to Agamaggan to join my other 85 alt, a warrior so that…

November 3, 2011