The Backstory: Deadwood Days (pt 2)

Been a long while, since I posted a “Backstory“, in fact just looking at the last one and its been almost 6 months, man I have been slacking more than I realised. So I guess it’s time to make amends for my erroneous ways. So just a brief recap of where I left the story, a few months into The Burning Crusade myself and a few friends set up our own raiding…

October 13, 2011

The Backstory: Deadwood Days

Deadwood 1st raid Boss Kill July 4th 2007 and Shynight started a tradition… While I still consider Vanilla the Golden Era of raiding, it was with Deadwood that I had the most fun and success. As mentioned in my most recent “The Backstory” post prior to forming Deadwood my previous guild, Teddybears of Doom had just killed High King Maulgar and had made good progress through Karazhan. The group of players we…

April 20, 2011