Cloth Farming

Recently a forum post on our guild website prompted me to put together a short guide to farming cloth and rather than let it fester there I thought I’d share it here. In my experience, farming cloth is often the best option because it is often very expensives, particularly Frostweave and Embersilk. Therefore, the profits on crafted items, the cost of leveling kits and the cost of your own power…

August 9, 2013

Don’t Read This If You’e Gold Rich

I’ve seen a lot of guild chat from folks that haven’t got enough gold to get by and for anyone with a level 85 that to me is hard to believe. As someone that isn’t short of gold I thought I’d pass on my tips to always ensure you have enough gold to keep you moving along and hopefully to get you to the point that you can lavish your…

August 28, 2012

Rares Farming For Transmog

Farming for transmog gear is a thankless task. There are a number of ways you can do this and none are efficient in terms of gold per hour, but there is a way you can do this relatively quickly especially if you have access to flight which is killing rares as almost all rares drop green items (or if you’re lucky blue/purple gear). But flying high above the crowds of…

June 19, 2012


I love transmogrification in fact I think I’m actually addicted to it, there I said it! Seriously, this feature is simply awesome,it has given me the greatest satisfaction in the game outside of raiding since I became unable to level my Shadowsong army. The thing I like is that it allows me to have my characters looking good regardless of their gear sets. On Evlyxx that wasn’t overly hard because…

April 14, 2012

Welcome to the Firelands!

A week ago today 4.2 launched and the Firelands raid was thrust upon us. I was happy that we managed to kill Cho’Gall pre-nerf but a little sad that we failed to get Nefarian and Al’Akir down and having seen the Tier 11 content post nerf I’m a little bit more miffed than I was this time last week. Anyhow, I am sure you, my loyal readers don’t want to know that,…

July 13, 2011

Golden balls……

You’ll all be glad to know that this post has very little to do with David Beckham or Jasper Carrot, but rather a neat trick if you are levelling an alt at around level 40 – 42 BEFORE Cataclysm comes and want to earn yourself a few gold too by farming  Big Mouth Clams for Golden Pearls in a cave on the Isle of Dread, the best place (according to Wowhead). This…

October 24, 2010