The Backstory: After The Dragon….

If you have been reading my blog for a while or been dedicated enough to go back in time you may remember or stumble across a post I made back in May 2010 about how I got started in raiding and I never finished the story so over the next few weeks I will make one of my posts one of my backstory. After killing Onyxia (level 60) I was…

November 18, 2010

Golden balls……

You’ll all be glad to know that this post has very little to do with David Beckham or Jasper Carrot, but rather a neat trick if you are levelling an alt at around level 40 – 42 BEFORE Cataclysm comes and want to earn yourself a few gold too by farming  Big Mouth Clams for Golden Pearls in a cave on the Isle of Dread, the best place (according to Wowhead). This…

October 24, 2010

Grid for Nothing and Your Clique is Free

Patches are time for change in Warcraft be the tiny ones or behemoths like 4.0.1 which we have just received. Blizzard document the major changes that they make but behind the scenes they also make tweeks and major overhauls that go completely undocumented outside Blizz HQ. As a certified add on junkie the 1st job when logging in is to discover what addons are broken. The second job is to determine if…

October 17, 2010

4.0.1: Initial thoughts

Well the first few hours of WoW 4x is done. The game is looking rather stable and the priest class looking rather healthy from my very limited playtime in game so far. Not that I didn’t spend much time in game, just not much time playing due to complete addon meltdown, now I am used to addons breaking after game patches but this was simply chaos and I am sure…

October 14, 2010

Sceptre of the Shifting Sands

After more than 5 years of having this in my quest log, I am very happy to have finally completed the Sceptre of the Shifting Sands questline. It all started with a loot drop from Broodlord Lashlayer in Blackwing Lair back in early 2006 and progressed very slowly as I gained rep to hit neutral rep , you start at hated, with the Brood of Nozdormu, which this took me until until…

October 7, 2010

Pre-Cataclysm Changes

Wrath of the Lich King and raiding ICC had become a bit of a chore for me lately, I found myself logging in for raids and do the occasional thing here and there, but my time in game has dropped dramatically because of this boredom/frustration and the guild drama a few weeks ago made things tougher. The time that I spent in game outside of raiding was spent with some…

September 29, 2010

Thieving Hacking Scum

Immersion, already deep in turmoil and struggling to rebuild hit the bottom of the pit of despair this morning when our GM got hacked. Fortunately, 2 of his real life friends saw him online outside of his normal hours, got no reply from their /whispers saw him doing odd things and reported it to a GM as they were on the phone to him. Blizzard acted quickly but not before…

September 19, 2010