Can I Play With Madness?

Can I play with Madness? Well the simple answer is yes! After the fine boys and girls of Exhumed finally got round to killing Spine of Deathwing on heroic Just goes to show what perseverance and some dedicated folks can do when they want to. We had a few pulls of Madness and thought that we do still have a chance of killing him before mists lift on Panderia and we’re aiming…

September 21, 2012

New Study Reveals Exhumed Killed General Zon'ozz!

After our defeat of Yor’sahj last week we added Zon’ozz to the agenda for this week and well he died after only 5 pulls and one of them wasn’t really worthy of being called a pull because we forgot how to bounce the ball. Annoyingly after we distributed the loot the corpse despawned so the boss is actually AWOL in the screen shot but still a great effort guys, gals…

July 30, 2012

Yor’sahj Is Now Sleeping

This week saw the Power of the Aspects increase another 5% so now bosses are hitting 30% lighter and only have 30% of their original hit points. While it has made some normal modes far too easy (I’m sure even the most casual of raiding guilds could 5 man Morchok and therefore should be able to kill him on heroic mode) it is allowing my guild to make more progress…

July 20, 2012

Finally…..2/8HC in Dragon Soul

No corpse or chest but we DID kill HC Ultraxion, honest! After almost 2 months of killing HC Morchok with ease the guys and gals of Exhumed finally added a 2nd HC boss to the list. After a piss poor performance of button pressing at the right time by yours truly I finally managed to get it right (and deliver shocking DPS, man I should stick to healing) and we…

June 22, 2012

25% off everything!

This week sees the Dragon Soul nerf hit 25%. Will this be the last or will we get 5% each month until Pandacraft? Yeah I know that we can turn off the buff but seriously does anyoine actually do that?

June 6, 2012

HC Morchok Dead

The title says it all, so just a quick post to say that I did it! Well OK me and 9 others. As with most first kills it wasn’t text book but the record book showed we killed him and we got loot so who cares how messy it was. Grats to Brimar and Lifeshifter on their loot wins too, hopefully there will be more for us all. The big…

April 12, 2012

Cataclysm Raiding: Did Blizzard Sell Us Short?

Cataclysm at launch had 3 raids in Tier 11, Blackwing Descent had 6 bosses, Bastion of Twilight had 4 and Throne of the Four Winds 2 bosses all had solid content that was hard enough for organised raiding groups and well formed pugs, but go in under-geared and without strategy and you didn’t get far. We had variety, we had a change of scenery if we chose to do so. We even had the loot pinata in Baradin Hold. best…

January 31, 2012

Dragon Soul: More Nerfs To Current Content

I’ve been struggling with my passion for raids for a while now. A lot of this was because my new job meant I couldn’t raid as much as I wanted to and that didn’t help me feeling detached from the latter half of the Firelands content. This was because my friends in Saturday Knight Fever weren’t raiding at the cutting edge and as Firelands was great content and I was happy with that as…

January 28, 2012

The New Looking For Raid Tool

I’ll be honest, I was very skeptical of the newly introduced Looking For Raid (LFR) tool before it was launched. and had immediately tagged it Looking For Retard because of the dumbed down version of fights that was promised (threatend?) by Blizzard. 2 weeks on I’ve now actually experienced the LFR version of Dragon Soul, and now feel a bit more qualified to offer some real feedback on it. Before going any further lets just explain what the LFR level…

December 19, 2011

Stood In The Fire

To avoid upsetting anyone with PTR/beta information I hide it by adding all the juicy stuff below the “read more” link. So if you want to have content spoiled you will need to click the “read more” link further down the page. The only clue will be from the title of the post but these will, I promise, always be vague enough to not give anything away. Just a tiny…

November 13, 2011