Azerothian Shortcuts

Mages are great they have those lovely portals to all the major cities and we’re all dead jealous, druids and death knights get a taste too with their class portals to Moonglade and Ebon Hold respectively. But the rest of us just have to rely on our mounts, flight masters and boats or zeppelins (depending on our faction) or do we? I’ll admit that many of these portals are level dependant…

March 16, 2012

Archaeology 101

With Cataclysm almost upon us and one of the main features is a new secondary profession. This is the first secondary profession added to the game since launch and rather than being on that will make money is one that will enhance your character with a few of the finds but more importantly provide some interesting back story. So what is archaeology? a Archaeology is a secondary profession which means…

November 28, 2010

Cataclysm Beta: Portals linking Darnassus to Exodar!!!

To avoid upsetting anyone all my beta information is going to be hidden from the main page, So if you want to have content spoiled you will need to click the “read more” link further down the page. The only clue will be from the title of the post but these will, I promise, always be vague enough to not give anything away. My purpose of playing the beta is to…

November 23, 2010