Cho’Gall has now left the building!

Finally after what seemed like hundreds of deaths to Cho’Gall (I’m sure the number was a lot less to be honest) the guys of Saturday Knight Fever (sadly there were no real life gals in the raid) killed Cho’Gall. Last week I had experimented with a 4 man ranged team that simply obliterated the adds but left too little DPS on the big fella himself and meant we lost a…

June 29, 2011

Time For a Rethink

For the past few weeks I have been dual Disc spec. I know I’m crazy but I really love Disc and had embraced the Atonement spec to the full because it was simply faster to cast medium sized heals that way as well as changing it up a bit. Sure I still spent a fair proportion of time doing traditional healing but atonement buffed that. Now being a raider there…

April 27, 2011

Deja Vu II- Not Learning from Past Mistakes

Smith Hauthaa, the Badge of Justice vendor, is in there…..somewhere In a blue post ( yesterday Blizzard have announced that the daily heroic reward of 70 Valor Points is to be replaced in 4.1by a weekly maximum reward system. Their reasoning is that this will allow players who don’t play every day but play lots on a few days will be able to earn the same number of Valor Points…

March 19, 2011