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A few weeks back I made a tough decision, I love the guys and girls at Saturday Knight Fever, they rock they really do. But sometimes you have to be selfish and after a lot of  soul searching and attempts to prevent it happening I decided that I had to leave them behind. The options were limited, I love WoW for 2 reasons, the friendships I have built and the challenge of raiding and losing 50% of the reason I play simply means I don’t enjoy playing the game and that meant leaving WoW or leaving SKF. Having tried out SWTOR and not feeling  that it was along term WoW beater yet I decided to change guilds. 

This was not a quick decision, after 3 months(ish) of trying to get my raiding fix in 
SKF (and failing miserably), because my shifts and 
SKF  raid times are not compatible and my attempts to get a 2nd 10 man raid team together failed, I decided to get what I need I had to leave SKF and look for a new raiding home. I still love the guys and gals I left behind and having 9 alts means I can share the love by keeping many of them in 
SKF   and as I was not wanting to desert them, I offered to keep on as an officer there if they needed me and I was honored to do that. 
Now as luck would have it a friend from my old Immersion days in Wrath was the recruiting officer for a guild called Exhumed and I knew from research that their raid times were a good match and to make the deal almost perfect I knew their progression was identical to the SKF which meant I was able to experience the learning phases of fights and not simply be boosted through content.
So now I have 2 homes on Shadowsong, and so far its working out really well. The guys at SKF have (as expected been fantastic to me) and the new folks at Exhumed are being extremely friendly and are making an old man feel very welcome.
Making the hard decisions and switching guilds is never easy but I think I found a good group, again, and the fact that I now have 2 awesome guilds is something I feel very privileged to experience. It can and usually does work out for the best. Leaving friends behind in a guild doesn’t mean deserting them though. It does mean making new friends though and that is good for you too. 
I’d love to hear from others out there that have had to or may need to do the same thing so please feel free to leave a comment or send me a Tweet to @Evlyxx

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  1. Yeah it can be hard changing guilds, it can seem pretty daunting, but it's usually a much better experience than you think it's gonna be. Your a pretty easy going kind of guy, so it's not hard for you to fit in, I'm sure your new guildies like you even if you are English

  2. Yeah the EU side is a bit United Nations especially compared to the folks on teh US servers, not that the Canadians, Mexicans and latino's don't spice the mix up. there too.

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