Sunday Screenshot #55


With the pre-patch a few weeks ago the activity on the server and in the guild has risen greatly, there i a certain buzz around once more, and an army of demon hunters. My time in game has been restricted by work, real life and the Olympics (not that I’m completing just watching a whole load of it) as well as catching up on the TV and podcasts I missed while I was holidaying in the US.

This has limited my time for everything and today I’ve spent doing the preparation for the podcast and researching the news made me realise how much I’ve missed and how much I needed to cover in the show and it has absorbed so much time that I haven’t got time to do it today because my the son is in the ‘studio’ gaming now after returning home from work. With him being on summer break from university and me being at work the chances of me getting a few hours alone to record during the week are slim and I’ve therefore postponed the show until next weekend which means the show next week will be a behemoth. The show is fully prepped with the exception of next week’s news so it will definitely happen and will mean it is 2 days before Legion launches so there will be loads to discuss.

I’d love some feedback from you about your hopes for priests, raiding and non raiding endgame so please send me your questions via Twitter (@EvangelysmCast), email (, Speakpipe (click the big blue button to the right ->) or just leaving a comment below.


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