Sunday Screenshot #54

sun_screen_054With life on Shadowsong almost non-existent due to boredom and Overwatch I’ve been spending most time this week farming gold on Aerie Peak US and not focusing on hitting 100, still managed to ding 100 though but I’m very poor having less than 50k gold and even worse have no garrison resources which is stopping me getting my level 3 garrison and therefore I’m unable to get a shipyard which in turn is gating my progress on gear as I cannot get the Tanaan quests until I get that level 3 garrison. Which means I need another 1600 garrison resources for. Oh well I need to get some treasures and do Spires of Arak and Nagrand so I can get Draenor loremaster done so I can fly anyways and hopefully these will give me more garrison resources either directly or just by letting the cache build up as I spend the time doing it.

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