Sunday Screenshot #5


This week’s image takes us way back to before Cataclysm when that nasty dragon Deathwing decided to wreak havoc across Azeroth including defacing one of the Wonders of Azeroth, the Stonewrought Dam.
The dam was named after the method of construction “invented” by Franclorn Forgewright, architect of the Dark Iron dwarves. In addition to the dam, he also designed the Stonewrought Pass linking Loch Modan to Searing Gorge and the dwarven fortress inside Blackrock Mountain, where Farnclorn’s Tomb is located and his ghost can be seen standing there, if you’re dead.
Prior to its destruction in Cataclysm this was one of my favorite locations in game purely for the breath taking view and the three dwarven heads spouting water. While I doubt that we will ever see the dam rebuilt, I live in hope.

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