Sunday Screenshot #45


A week further on and the crowds of players seems to have pretty much disappeared, no more server queues, very few bugs and most importantly, garrisons seem to be able to be trusted again. So much so that I have now started to log off there on all my alts that have one.
The daily routine is setting in too and this means many taxi rides around the world to the quest hubs and this week’s screenshot comes from one such journey as I was flying over Shattrath. Shattrath was always a great city and the version we have in Draenor is stunning, one I’m really sad we wont be inhabiting unless we get a patch to cleanse it of the demon invasion and if that happens I’ll be a happy man.
Moving on, this week is the start of the 10 years of WoW celebrations and Exhumed involved early on with a guild Molton Core lfr run and to celebrate, I’ve included a second bonus pic of our run there for you all.
Sadly we only managed to get 37 guildies/friends on line so we had to pug the last 3 spots but we had a really great time on TeamSpeak and the scariest moments were when I could recall the strategies not only for most bosses, but also the trash packs. To make that a bit more concerning, I wasn’t even a raid leader back then and even as late as Naxxramas (Wrath edition) I was horrified at the thought of doing so.

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